Inlet Guard is dedicated to assisting our cities in protecting their waterways, citizens & pets.

We do this by providing inlet covers that:

  • Reduce/minimize debris

  • Provide greater safety for citizens & pets

  • Minimize potential lawsuits

  • Create a greener city

  • Allow time for city management to focus on other issues to showcase their city. 


Inlet Guard screens have approximately 3"x3" openings and are great for minimizing debris as well as safety for citizens and their pets. All screens are equipped with a basket to catch and hold debris until clean-up. Baskets are designed with an overflow feature that allows water to continue flowing in the event the basket should become full.

Storm Drain Protection
Storm Drain
Inlet, storm drain
Storm Drain
Storm drain protection
Inlet protection
Storm Drain protecton
Storm drain maintenance


Inlet Guard offers ongoing maintenance plans, so city management has time to focus on other issues to showcase their city.

With our maintenance agreements, all trash collected is weighed and submitted to the city for your records showing how Inlet Guards are working to prevent trash from reaching waterways.

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Inlet Guard
Inlet Guard