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Inlet Guard offers ongoing maintenance plans so city management has time to focus on other issues to showcase their city.


Pollution affects water quality in lakes and other freshwater resources around the globe. Non-point source pollution accounts for most of the contamination in water systems.


Non-Point Source Pollution: Contaminants that enter a water body that cannot be traced back to a specific source, location, and offender. Rather, this pollution comes from many diffuse sources and often enters in small amount but can become concentrated in lakes and other freshwater resources.


Water Facts:

     *  Water quality reports indicate that 45% of U.S. Streams, 47% of

         lakes and 32% of bays are polluted.

     *  Forty percent of America's rivers are too polluted for fishing, 

         swimming or aquatic life. The lakes are even worse -- over 46%             are too polluted for fishing, swimming or aquatic life.

     *  Every year almost 25% of U.S. beaches are closed at least once,

         because of water pollution.

Inlet Guard protection
Storm drain protection
Inlet Guard Basket
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Dedicated to assisting our cities in protecting their waterways, citizens & pets


Inlet Guard screens are designed to minimize trash that is currently finding it's way to our lakes, creeks and various waterways. They are equipped with baskets that help catch and hold the debris until clean-up. Designed with an overflow feature in the event the basket should become full, they have been tested to ensure water will not be impeded. 


Tim Burgess

City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division

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Inlet Guard
Inlet Guard
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